Thursday, December 17, 2009

The barricade of the workers in the Lecheria

Since november 7th the workers of the former LyFC electric plant called TurboGas in the Lecheria (industrial zone north of México City) have been occupying a barricade at the gates of plant. On December 15th they faced aggression by roughly 300 armed elements of the federal police, not seeking to forcefully evict them, but to take parts, machinery, equipment and tools of the facilities for other electric plants now operated by the CFE. The federales destroyed a smaller un-occupied barricade at a smaller entrance of the facilities so they could enter and take the materials. Inside the facilities federal police, city police and security have maintained a presence, mostly as a way to maintain the intimidation toward the workers.

When the workers of SME and LyFC learned that the government was removing the equipment, machinery, and tools of their labor from their facilities, the Central Committee of SME put a call for workers to passively resist. Those of the Lecheria decided to errect a permanent barricade to restrict the entrance of the Federal Government and CFE from taking the materials of their labor. The Central Committee put a call for the dismantlement of the barricade, viewing it as an agression, but those of the Lecheria autonomously decided to maintain the barricade as a necessity and unique form of their resistance.

Many of them told us that they have never been involved with political movements prior, or that they have had any history of taking actions such as those they are taking now, but their radicalization has been, of sorts, the necessity they feel they need to have to resist and survive the oppression and expereinces they are enduring now.

They were kind to allow us to pass the night with them and to share their stories with us. Will post the audio of their voices, stories and messages within the next days.
Desde el 7 de noviembre los/las trabajadores del antiguo LyFC planta electric se llama TurboGas en la Lecheria (zona industrial norte de la ciudad de México) han estado ocupando una barricada en frente las verjas/puertas de la instalación. En 15 de diciembre ellos se enfrentaron la agresión de aproximamente 300 elementos armados de la Policia Federal, quien no quisieron los desalojaron a los trabajadores, pero al mejor quitar los partes, equipo, herramientos, y maquinas de la instalaciones para las otras plantas electricas del CFE. Los federales destruyeron una barricada mas pequeña y desocupado ubicada en una entrada mas pequeña de la instalación para pueden entrar y quitar el equipo. Adentro la instalación policia federal, policia estatal, y vigilancia han mantenido una presencia, sobre todo ser una manera mantener la intimidación a las/los trabajadores.

Cuando las/los trabajadores de SME y LyFC aprendieron que el gobierno ha quitando el equipo, maquinas, y herramientos de su trabajo, el comite central de SME hizo una llamada para las/los trabajadores resistir pasivamente. Ellas/os de Lecheria dicidieron leventar una barricada permanente restrictir la entrada del gobierno federal y CFE toman las materiales de su trabajo. El comite central hizo una llamada por la desmantelando de la barricada, la veindo como agresión, pero ellos de la Lecheria dicidieron de la forma autonoma mantener la barricada como una necesitad y forma unica de su resistencia.

Muchos de ellos nos dijeron que nunca han participado en movimientos politicales antes, ni han tenido una historia de haciendo acciones, como las acciones que estan haciendo ahorita. su radicalizacion ha sido, de ciertos modos, la necesidad tener que resistir y sobrevivier la opression y experiencia que esten soportando ahora.

Estuvieron muy amable por nos permitiendo pasar toda la noche en su barricada y por compartiendo sus historias, cuentos y leche de arroz. Buena/os Onda/os. Audio venir.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Solidaridad con Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mitín en frente la embajada E.U. en solidaridad con Mumia Abu-Jamal y leventar conciencia sobre presos politicos en México y todo el mundo.

Rally in front of the U.S. embassy in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal and to raise conciousness about political prisoners in México and the world.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chilena and Sones

La Chilena - A variety of music born on the coastlines in the southern states of Oaxaca and Guerrero. It has it's roots in the music brought by Peruvian and Chilean sailors and mariners. It then mixed with the styles and cultures of the different ethnic groups of the region - Mixtecos, Afromestizas, Amuzgos, Chatinos.

The music is a sone (folkloric music) with a vocalist, saxophone, trumpet, tuba, rythem section, and fast 6/8 tempo. They sing about everything from the geography to love to butterflies. There is much dancing and costumes.

Son Jarocho - A variety of music born out of the state of Veracruz (Jarocho is a reference to the culture of Veracruz). It is a mixture of poetry and zapateado (a form of dance with a lot of stomp). They use several jaranas (tiny guitar), harp, upright bass, cow jaw (for rythem). They often sing about "justicias" or social justice, but at times "birds" and love.